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The chaos around us…

Has anyone else noticed the chaos in the world around us? Is it just me, or has this world gone mad? Everything that made sense and seemed logical just a few years back, now seems to have flipped. When I was growing up (yes, a few years ago…70’s and 80’s to be exact), you never […]

School Safety Actions In America

School Safety and Security, This is a problem within the united states and has been for a while now. Without any systems in place schools have been unprepared for the tragedies that have occurred. In recent years there have been many school shootings and one might think that a nationwide effort to increase safety in […]

New Software Eliminates the ‘Red Tape’ of a 911 Phone Call

Brewer, Maine, hasn’t had a mass shooting at any of its schools, but the city plans on being ready if it were to happen. The city is developing a “safety road map” for such an event and part of that is the installation this summer of In Force911, a desktop and mobile application that allows […]