Vital Information

Rapidly distributes accurate, up-to-date building information to all first responders.

Interactive Digital Floorplans

Emergency personnel gain instant access to a school’s digital floor plans.

Safer Entry & Exit

First responders equipped with knowledge of window & roof access points, more direct paths and emergency locations to respond to changing conditions in an emergency.

At the very core of the BESAFE Building Safety System are verified accurate digital maps of your indoor spaces, a powerful component of ANY comprehensive safety plan.

BESAFE’s interactive digital floor plans are created in vector PDF format making text and images crisp, easily enlarged and searchable with the click of a button.

BESAFE has verified accurate information and enables periodic updates to maintain information integrity and ensure ongoing effectiveness of your safety plan.

BESAFE’s Evacuation Maps allow a facility to inform its occupants of the desired routes, as well as marking locations of emergency equipment to First Responders. When seconds count, communication is critical.

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