Two Way Chat

A two-way chat portal is effectuated, allowing for real-time communication between those in the building under threat and first responders.

Critical Information

Immediately provides law enforcement with floor plans, live camera feeds and building schematics to best approach the building under threat.


Ability to easily clear and evacuate a building under lockdown, accounting for and reunifying those in the building.

IN FORCE911 is the only law enforcement-centric platform which provides a secured and encrypted network, establishing a real-time threat and notification alert process.

When seconds matter most, IN FORCE911 is a purpose-built software designed to dramatically reduce law enforcement response time to an active threat, while bridging the communications barrier between those experiencing the threat with law enforcement and first responders. 

With the understanding that swift law enforcement intervention is the ultimate mitigating factor in saving lives, staff and employees of buildings can rely on point-to-point connectivity and real-time communication with first responders from their community, as opposed to a centralized dispatching organization.


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