Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How quickly does law enforcement receive an active alert?
A. Law enforcement and dispatcher receive the alert in twelve seconds or less!

Q. Can my district include floor plans or IP-based cameras?
A. IN FORCE911 integrates with existing floor plans, mapping data and any IP-based camera feeds, making law enforcement’s approach most effective and efficient.

Q. Does the alert notify teachers and staff in the building, simultaneously?
A. The alert notifies all faculty and staff in the building simultaneously. Those who have access to the application will receive detailed information.

Q. Who has access to the software applications in my organization?
A. The users are determined by the administration and entirely customizable. Generally, any trusted staff member may have access to the software.

Q. Does the application work with mobile devices, such as iPhones and Androids?
A. IN FORCE911 is compatible with all operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, iOS and Android.

Q. Do you suggest staff members not call 911?
A. IN FORCE911 does not replace 911 but rather, serves to enhance the existing infrastructure, while notifying law enforcement of a threat much faster than traditional means.

Q. Does local law enforcement need to use the software along with the schools?
A. In order for the platform to be successful, your organization must be connected with a local, county or state police agency.

Q. Do the alerts go out to parents or community members?
A. Alerts are only sent to authorized users. Generally, parents and folks from the community are not initially notified through IN FORCE911.

Q. Do students access the alerting application?
A. IN FORCE911 does not provide access to students.

Q. How does IN FORCE911 work with certain training protocols?
A. IN FORCE911 is best utilized in coordination with an effective options-based protocol. In fact, IN FORCE911 greatly enhances these protocols by enabling staff to make better decisions.

Q. If a teacher evacuates the building, how does he/she remain in contact with the administration or law enforcement?
A. Our mobile application enables teachers and staff the opportunity to remain connected to the threat from a mobile setting and communicate their status and location accordingly.

Q. How secure is the entire platform?
A. IN FORCE911 follows the Criminal Justice Information Systems (CJIS-5) compliancy regulations and has achieved the Federal Information Processing Standard’s (FIPS 140-2) certification.

Q. Where is the data hosted and who has access to it?
A. The data is stored securely in the government section of the Microsoft Azure cloud to ensure security and redundancy. Only pre-determined administrative officials may make the request to access the data.