Leverage our technology to deter and prepare for a life threatening situation at school.

IN FORCE911 Webinars – April 22nd at 11:00AM / April 29th at 11:00AM & 2:00PM
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IN FORCE911 provides technology that schools across the country need, to deter and respond to an active threat. It is unfortunately realistic that negative reactions resulting from the displacement of students as a result of COVID-19 could occur.

The IN FORCE911 application, serves not only as a silent panic button enabling school staff and faculty to notify law enforcement of a perceived threat, but as a two-way communication tool for real time update sharing; used internally among staff and with first responders.

While schools are closed, now is the perfect time to review our application, implement a trial, and be prepared for when students are back in the classrooms.

  • Notify and communicate directly: ONE touch silent panic button on your devices will notify first responders (on their mobile phones, in-vehicle computers and directly to dispatch simultaneously) of a perceived threat. A communication window is enabled for providing real time updates of the crisis to both other faculty and to law enforcement.
  • Empower your staff. Traditional silent alarms don’t provide real time updates and actionable intelligence to other staff in the building under threat, enabling faculty to know which protocol is best to follow. IN FORCE911 enables communication and details to be shared, so teachers can make the RIGHT decision and not guess what they should do to avoid causing further harm.
  • Heighten situational awareness. Enable multiple responding agencies to have clear and consistent building schematics, floor plans, aerial photos, maps of access points, evacuation routes and reunification zone designations to best provide a controlled operational approach. The IN FORCE911 application can also enable law enforcement to view IP Camera feeds once the alert has been sent.
  • Device agnostic: Although teachers can send or join an alert from any device (tablet, Chromebook, pc, Mac), our mobile applications for Android and AiOS helps you maintain compliance.
  • Reducing response time, saves lives. In an active shooter situation, every second counts. Providing critical information to staff and law enforcement helps to mitigate further damage.