Law Enforcement

School Resource Officers, State, Local or County Agencies and Campus Law Enforcement:

When a life-threatening event unfolds requiring multiple layers of response and intervention, officers have traditionally NOT all been immediately provided with real-time updates and details, mission-critical data, or site specific details including the nature of the threat, exact location, preferred access points and pertinent details of the situation as it evolves. Our goal is to enhance and heighten first responders situational awareness, provide a quicker and more effective tactical approach and improve the overall safety of all responding officers. IN FORCE911 is CJIS-5 compliant, enabling it to be run natively on all law enforcement.  The application is also helpful to Law Enforcement after the threat has ended, because the chat records are hosted to the CJIS-5 compliance in an encrypted environment where all data is time and date stamped and chain of customer is maintained throughout the process.

Mission Critical Information & Tactical Advantage

Through the IN FORCE911 native law enforcement-specific applications, law enforcement and dispatchers receive an alert from the building under threat in a matter of seconds.  The FIPS 140-2 certification enables the platform to be hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, fully encrypted and secured, providing not only the alert and open communication window, but also easily accessible emergency details and schematics of the building, streamlined and interactive mapping and imagery of the building, evacuation routes, reunification points, emergency response plans and access to integrated IP camera feeds. 

Public and Private K-12, Higher Education

Internal Notification

Not every situation requires immediate police presence or intervention.  That’s why IN FORCE911 provides building staff and administration with the ability to communicate internally through the application.  In circumstances where a non-life-threatening situation arises, staff may remain in direct contact with one another and provide critical or pertinent information in real-time with administration keeping them aware and up to date with recorded details of the situation.

Alyssa’s Law

Why IN FORCE911 is compliant

Building staff and faculty and administrators are virtually armed with IN FORCE911 to initiate a silent alert, directly to local law enforcement and dispatch. In just a matter of less than 10 seconds or less, help is on the way.  When seconds matter most and reducing response time equals more lives being saved, the IN FORCE911 empowers staff to make educated decisions on how to respond.

“Protecting What Matters”

Multi-Tenant Buildings or Corporate Campuses

Tenants in corporate environments and corporate campuses have a variety of cultures, working hours, visitor policies, and shifting of staff, that can make comprehensive or singular security efforts difficult. However, with the right approach, property owners and managers can ensure a secure working environment by using the IN FORCE911 application.

IN FORCE911 internal notifications create a communication strategy for the entire building, while reinforcing security protocols in a way that meets everyone’s needs.

  • See something, say something with an IN FORCE911 internal notification to the building management team. Enable the managers to forward an alert to first responders if a situation escalates requiring additional response.

  • How does the landlord notify each individual staff member when contractors and other building-related visitors need access to the building, so that they’re never surprised to see someone they don’t recognize or weren’t expecting?

IN FORCE911 law enforcement-centric alert initiates communication directly with first responders when a building staff member becomes aware of a security breach or another emergency.  Currently, most corporate environments do not have the ability for one tenant to notify the rest of the building’s occupants.

  • Building staff should know exactly who to call and exactly how to reach them. Deploying IN FORCE911 will remove any communication barriers between individual businesses and provides real time critical details of an incident to be shared among corporations.

  • Law enforcement will receive the notification across three channels; dispatch, in-vehicle computers and on mobile devices, so the first officer on scene will be the first in the building to take action, providing safety and security for the rest of the tenants as soon as possible.

Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

Providing a robust security system for healthcare and hospital buildings is nothing short of complex. These campuses are comprised of several patient and administration buildings where transient vendors and suppliers come and go, employees work in a multitude of departments, and patient care is provided across multiple offices or buildings.  Maintaining the safety of the entire premises and mitigating risk is dependent on the recognition of problems and potential issues that exist, as well as the response to those issues.

Gail Blanchard-Saiger, VP of labor and employment with the California Hospital Association stated, “A positive relationship with law enforcement will encourage a stronger police presence near the hospital, faster response times, increased sharing of information, and increased trust between the two organizations.”

Implementing the IN FORCE911 system would provide a scalable and easily deployable internal notification system for healthcare staff, as well as a panic button application to alert internal security teams and first responders simultaneously from anywhere inside the facility.  Conversely, IN FORCE911 would provide first responders the means to communicate and notify the hospital or healthcare facility of an imminent threat in the area, making their response as efficient and effective as possible.