Instant Alert

Those under threat have the ability to send an alert directly to officers in the field in 12 seconds or less, getting them on site faster!

Mass Notification

The alert is simultaneously sent to all law enforcement officials, dispatchers and others in the building under threat.

Exact Location

The alert includes the room number or GPS location of threat origin.

Use Any Device

Compatibility with all operating systems is available, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS and Android, a quick and simple download from the App or Google Play Stores.

IN FORCE911 enables those under threat the ability to launch an alert from any device to the devices of law enforcement personnel and dispatchers in 12 seconds or less. The alert contains the room number or GPS location where the threat originated from. 

The alert comes to the foreground of whatever the law enforcement officials, dispatcher and those in the building under threat have on their screen at the time.