When thinking of the school violence that takes places now in our everyday lives, fear is the word that comes to my mind. I am a veteran that has been to Afghanistan; I’ve seen fear, I’ve felt it. Fear is not what our children, parents and school faculty should be feeling at a place that should be deemed the safest. The moment that hit me the hardest, (like probably most of you) was the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. My son was recently born a few months before. I cannot fathom the thought of a parent not being able to see their child again to kiss them, hug and see them smile.

Unfortunately, this is now our reality and it could happen anywhere. At this point and time, the number one priority should be safety and security within our schools, period. Children are the future, so shouldn’t we, as adults, be good role models and protect them? I hope we can and I hope more parents can pay attention to what we here at In Force Technology are trying to accomplish. Please, if you read this, all I ask is that you spread the word and encourage your school administrators to look at what we have to offer and help us remove fear from our student’s lives.

Domonic McDougall