Reverse Alert

Law enforcement has the ability to send an alert to key administrators in a building of a potential external threat they may be unaware of.

Multi-Select Locations

Ability to select one or multiple locations via map geo-target to push out a reverse alert.

Key Personnel

Reverse alerts can be sent to specific personnel within a building of an area under threat.

Examples of a Reverse Alert

In an effort to create an all-hazards approach to safety, local law enforcement has the means to initiate a reverse notification to building officials and administration.

In the instance building administrators are unaware of a potentially threatening situation, law enforcement may initiate a reverse alert, providing real-time notification alerts so staff may take action accordingly.

Dispatch and law enforcement personnel may geo-target or individually select buildings to notify based on the geographic proximity of the threat.

The real-time threat window includes a subject line and message text to provide critical details of the situation, including receipt confirmation. 


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