SANDWICH – Teachers in the Sandwich Public School System have been trained how to use a new program that connects the schools directly to law enforcement during major emergencies.

In Force911 will soon be put on cell phones and laptops of all staff members in the district creating a three way connection between all school staff, police dispatch and all patrol units in situations such an active shooter.

“It allows the teachers or administrators to alert dispatch directly without having to go through 911,” said James McGrail, the director of facilities.

McGrail said the system can save significant time.

Once activated, all of the teachers who have the app installed opens and issues an alert.

“The person who triggered that alert, if it is safe to do so, can put information into the portal to allow other teachers in the building to know what the crisis is,” McGrail said.

The posts can also provide information to other staff and police on a location of the situation and possible suspect descriptions.

Drills using the program are expected to begin next month.