Jake Haskell

School Safety and Security, This is a problem within the united states and has been for a while now. Without any systems in place schools have been unprepared for the tragedies that have occurred. In recent years there have been many school shootings and one might think that a nationwide effort to increase safety in schools would be initiated, but in reality not enough is being done about school safety resulting in more and more devastating mass shootings.

There have been 31 killed and 53 injured in school shootings in 2018 alone, and despite the fact that this is an issue for the united states alone many schools have done nothing to increase their own security. Many states have made a claim that they want to increase the level of security in their schools, but very few have actually  initiated any programs that could make the students and teachers safer. In reality the most common places for security increases to happen have been the places directly impacted as a result of a school shooting.

The people of The United States deserve an opportunity to go to school or send their children to school confidently knowing that the places they themselves are going are safe and protected. While this is the goal there are many places that are not following through on their words.Take Rhode Island for example, Governor Gina Raimondo has stated that she wishes to increase security in the schools and this was before the Parkland tragedy. While as of now there has been no drastic change in the security of Rhode Island schools. This is just one of many examples of the people who are in charge not making the conscious effort to increase student and teacher safety.

Not everything can be solved easily and quickly as there is a lot that goes into making a school safer, but it is important to show that it is the goal and remind people that there are things one can do in order to make it safer for kids to go to school. It is important that something gets done nationally because something needs to change or the number of lives that have been lost due to school shooting will only increase in the coming months and years.