IN FORCE 911 Enables all Employees to Communicate Directly with Police Officers During an Emergency

Media note: Superintendent Ron Hargrave is available for local TV and radio interviews. In Force Technology LLC CEO Brandon Flanagan is available via telephone, Skype or any Boston television satellite studio.

LAURINBURG, N.C. — Scotland County Public Schools and area law enforcement agencies have recently deployed an advanced software tool that enables faculty, staff and administrators at all 12 schools in the district to communicate directly with police officers in the event of an emergency or security intrusion.

By partnering with Boston-based In Force Technology, LLC, the school district is now equipped with the IN FORCE 911 desktop and mobile software application. The software is proven to significantly reduce police response time to buildings and specific locations inside buildings during a critical event at a school while addressing the communications barrier that unfortunately exists during active shooter incidents.

It is a software tool that school officials, police officers and the developers hope is never needed, however the leadership of the Scotland County Public Schools believes that this level of preparation and sophistication could provide a vital link between those inside a school building and those rushing to help, when seconds count.

The IN FORCE 911 app empowers school employees with the ability to launch an alert in seconds from their desktop or mobile device, rather than minutes, with the current 911 system. Rather than waiting for calls to route through statewide or county-wide dispatch systems, IN FORCE 911 sends alerts and messages directly to the terminals and mobile devices of police officers in a specified area.

During an emergency, the alert is sent directly to the dispatch center, police cruisers and cell phones of officers with specific information, including the room of origin. It also opens a two-way chat dialogue, in real-time, allowing staff to communicate details of a threat or description of a suspect to first responders. Additionally, first responders are provided access to floor plans, security camera feeds and other emergency information to help them plan the best response.

Scotland County Schools Executive Director of Auxiliary Services, Dr. Larry Obeda, has been working to bring the software to all 12 Scotland County Public Schools, the Laurinburg Police Department, the county Communications Center and the Scotland County Sheriff’s Department.

“Schools have long adapted procedures and tools aimed at preventing or mitigating a variety of threats and dangers, from fire drills to physical devices aimed at keeping doors closed. Now we have a software tool in our hands that removes the delay that exists between placing a 911 call and putting vital information in the hands of first responders during an emergency,” said Scotland County Public Schools Superintendent Ron Hargrave. “We are pleased to be the first school district in North Carolina to bring this advanced technology to our district.”

Training started this month, and the software will be up and running for the start of the upcoming school year.

“Our company exists to reduce police response time and give police officers all the information they need, without delay, during an emergency or act of violence at a school,” said Brandon Flanagan, President and CEO of In Force Technology. “Increasing communication between those experiencing a threat and those responding to the scene can dramatically shorten the duration of an attack by helping police officers find suspects faster, thus saving lives.”

IN FORCE 911 is used throughout the country. Several communities in the Virginia area including Northampton, Amherst and Pulaski Counties have recently adopted the product.

By implementing the IN FORCE 911 school safety software throughout its schools and law enforcement entities, Scotland County hopes to empower its school faculty, staff and students, while working to save lives during an act of violence. Countless law enforcement training courses all teach the same lesson: time equals lives and every second counts during an emergency or active shooter incident.

School safety is our mission. At In Force Technology LLC, we enable faculty, staff and school administrators to communicate directly with police officers, dispatchers, sheriffs, and other first responders in real-time by removing technological and human barriers from the process of reporting an emergency. IN FORCE 911, the company’s flagship product, enables two-way communication between employees inside a school and the actual police officers responding to an intruder, act of violence, or active shooter incident. The software works on all computer and mobile platforms, is cloud-based and always-on, and requires no hardware on the client side. It even works during power outages by opening on an employee’s smart phone or cellular-connected tablet. The software also allows police to send alerts about nearby emergencies or threats directly to school employees in real-time.
IN FORCE 911 is currently used by more than 40 communities in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina.

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