Andy Broe (In Force Technology)

Has anyone else noticed the chaos in the world around us? Is it just me, or has this world gone mad? Everything that made sense and seemed logical just a few years back, now seems to have flipped.

When I was growing up (yes, a few years ago…70’s and 80’s to be exact), you never heard of school shootings. Schools were safe places, there was no need to have a police presence. No one was crazy, or mentally ill enough, to bring a gun to a school and slaughter innocent children. Now, it seems to happen weekly.

Bullies existed back then, as they do today, but they did not have social media to utilize. Bullies of the past had to resort to face-to-face verbal or physical confrontations. Although face to face situations were bad, it did frequently allow the opportunity for someone to jump in and stop it. With today’s technological capabilities, bullying can now be done from the relative safety and comfort of an electronic device.

Today too many forms of social media can be exploited by bullies to belittle or threaten fellow schoolmates. In fact, social media is probably the preferred choice of these cowards to inflict their pain. I am glad my generation did not have to deal with this form of idiocy.

Shooting at police and sheriff’s deputies was also not viewed as wise back in the days of my youth. You respected the law and those who enforced it, even if it was a bit out of fear. But today’s crazies have no fear or respect for the men and women who serve to protect us. Every week we hear of another officer or deputy losing their life in the line of duty.

It’s not acceptable. Police and sheriff’s deputies are men and women, just like you and I, who have decided to risk their well-being and life to keep their communities safe. They are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters…just like you and I. They are not fair game for some drug-altered madman to take target practice on. They are not fair game for some nut shooting up a school, then turning on them.

There are many factors that have contributed to the madness of the age. Whether it is preying on our most vulnerable citizens as they study in school, or violence toward our those who wear the badge, it has reached epidemic proportions. There is a breaking point for everything, and with the erosion of respect for human life, our society has reached it.