Mobile Panic Button and Communication Platform

Reducing Law Enforcement Response Time
to an Active Threat,
Saving Lives When Seconds Matter Most

– December 2021 –

The State of Indiana, Department of Homeland Security Endorses IN FORCE911 For “Active Alert Warning System”

Time Equals Lives™

During an active shooter situation, one person is shot every 15 seconds.

With the national average response time of 12.5 minutes, and where 69% of events are over in 5 minutes or less…

Law enforcement does not have time on their side to effectively mitigate the threat.

When seconds matter most, and time equals lives, IN FORCE911 reduces initial response time to less than 10 seconds.

The Problem:

Most organizations are relying on a half-century old 911 PSAP (public safety answering point) technology. In the event of an emergency, calls can take an average of 5 minutes to be routed to a local, responding agency. 

Studies released by the US Department of Homeland Security have shown that because of this delay, law enforcement and first responders arrive on-scene after the event has already ended. 

In addition, there is a gap in communications where critical information is not properly shared with first responders and others inside the building.

The Solution:

IN FORCE911 is a mobile panic button and communication platform designed to save lives when seconds matter most.

IN FORCE911 is a purpose-built software, designed to dramatically reduce law enforcement response time to an active threat, and enhance communication between those experiencing the threat and with first responders.

“During an active school shooting, we can find out and go to the exact area he’s in, rather than have to search on foot through the whole building.”


Sheriff E.W. Viar
Amherst County, VA

“Lexington City Schools is extremely excited to add another tool to assist our staff and students during a crisis. Over the past two years we have placed an emphasis on emergency preparedness, and In Force911 will be a great asset to our division. In a matter of seconds our staff will be able to alert all local law enforcement to dangers within our school. While we hope we never have to use this platform, it is reassuring to know that response times for emergency personnel will be much less than they would be without the resource.”


Director Jason White
Lexington, VA Lexington City Schools

“The safety of our students, faculty, and staff is a top priority for Rockbridge County Public Schools. The implementation of InForce911 is another tool we can give our teachers and administrators in an effort to do all we can to give our stakeholders peace of mind. We are excited to partner with Inforce911 and look forward to launching this safety feature.”


Director Randy Walters

Rockbridge County, VA Public Schools

“We are so excited to have found a technology and partnership like this. This partnership puts the safety and security of our students, staff and visitors in our buildings at the forefront, even during the pressing issue of COVID. Although COVID has become a priority across the district, it’s an enemy we cannot see, an intruder is one that we can, and we have to be prepared. There is an ability for a teacher to send an alert to the Sheriff’s office on a computer or cell phone who can then immediately respond, heaven forbid we have the need for it.”


Superintendent Oliver Holly / Officer Jimmy Shelton (SRO)
Tyrrell County Schools, NC

“We are happy that our students will be returning to school. We are very happy that they will be returning with the added protection of IN FORCE 911. If an emergency takes place our deputies and first responders will be responding better prepared with up to date real time information from the teachers and staff that are already on-site at the emergency. Good communication is always essential to success and IN FORCE 911 provides us with solid direct communication with school personnel. This direct communication will increase the safety of our children and our first responders.”


Captain Tony McFaddin
Rockbridge County Sheriff’s Office, VA

“Caroline County Schools in partnership with the Caroline County Sheriff’s Office is excited to implement InForce911. In the event of a threat or crisis, any school staff is able to immediately notify law enforcement for a more expeditious response time as well as allow schools to more quickly implement the necessary steps to keep staff and students safe. Though we hope to never use this resource, CCPS and the CCSO are utilizing this latest cutting-edge technology to improve the safety of our schools.”


Safety and Compliance Coordinator, Jeff Wick
Caroline County Schools, VA

“In Force Technology really reduces miscommunication and cuts down on the risk that people are going to get hurt because of it.”


Sheriff Shawn Gillen
Aroostook County, Maine

Our Mission

We believe in responsibly creating long-term and sustainable partnerships with our customers from across the country through the deployment of our lifesaving IN FORCE911 software technology.  Our goal is to positively impact these communities and organizations by creating a safer, more secure environment for teachers to teach, students to learn and employees to work.

Our mission, is simply to save lives!

Core Values

Partnering with and positively impacting the communities we serve across the country. We strive to make a difference.

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