The nation’s most advanced two-way app for communicating emergency situations.

Protecting What Matters

The Problem

Statistically, traditional 911 calls take two to four minutes, on average, to route the call for service from the centralized communications center to the local, dispatching agency.

Active shooting experts stressed the importance of technology allowing end users and emergency responders to communicate directly, through a two-way communication system. As we have learned from past events, we understand more than ever,

Time = Lives

The Solution

When seconds matter most, IN FORCE911 is the only encrypted and secured network which establishes a real-time communication portal between those experiencing the threat and those actively responding.

Understanding police intervention is what ultimately saves lives, employees can now rely on point-to-point connectivity at the officer level, instead of speaking to a third-party dispatcher.

Key Product Features

IN FORCE911 is installed in municipalities across the country.
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