The nation’s most advanced two-way app for communicating emergency situations.

Protecting What Matters

The Problem

Statistically, traditionally placed 911 calls for service can take on average, two to four minutes to be routed from the centralized public safety answering point (PSAP) to the local, responding agency. 

Alarmingly, recent government studies reveal that law enforcement personnel and first responders are most often arriving on-scene to an active shooter event after the situation has ended without law enforcement intervention. 

The underlying problem is that schools and at-risk organizations are unable to effectively communicate an active threat to law enforcement, from the point of incident in a real-time manner. 

Time = Lives

The Solution

IN FORCE911 is the only law enforcement-centric platform which provides a secured and encrypted network, establishing a real-time threat and notification alert process.  When seconds matter most, IN FORCE911 is a purpose-built software designed to dramatically reduce law enforcement response time to an active threat, while bridging the communications barrier between those experiencing the threat with law enforcement and first responders. 

With the understanding that swift law enforcement intervention is the ultimate mitigating factor in saving lives, building staff and employees under threat rely on point-to-point connectivity and real-time communication with first responders from their community, as opposed to a centralized dispatching organization.

Key Product Features

IN FORCE911 is installed in municipalities across the country.
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