Tenant Occupied Buildings, Municipality Buildings and Court Houses

Tenants in corporate campus environments have a variety of cultures, working hours, visitor policies, and shifting of staff that can make comprehensive or singular security efforts difficult. However, with the right approach, property owners and managers can ensure a secure working environment by using the IN FORCE911 application.

Municipality buildings and Courthouses see an influx of people throughout the course of a day.  In addition to identifying employees and guests entering and leaving the building, other security measures must be in place to alert and notify private security personnel as well as additional responding officers in the event that an emergency takes place.  Legacy 911 makes it impossible to connect multiple responding agencies with building security or private security details.  IN FORCE911 however, provides a clear stream of information sharing and two-way communication across multiple agencies without interoperability issues.

IN FORCE911 internal notifications create a communication strategy for the entire building, while reinforcing security protocols in a way that meets everyone’s needs.


See something, say something with an IN FORCE911 internal notification to the building management team. Enable the managers to forward an alert to first responders if a situation escalates requiring additional response.


How does the landlord notify each individual staff member when contractors and other building-related visitors need access to the building, so that they’re never surprised to see someone they don’t recognize or weren’t expecting?


Building staff should know exactly who to call and exactly how to reach them. Deploying IN FORCE911 will remove any communication barriers between individual businesses and provides real time critical details of an incident to be shared among corporations.


Law enforcement will receive the notification across three channels; dispatch, in-vehicle computers and on mobile devices, so the first officer on scene will be the first in the building to take action, providing safety and security for the rest of the tenants as soon as possible.

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