Law Enforcement

School Resource Officers, State, Local or County Agencies and Campus Law Enforcement

When a life-threatening event unfolds multiple layers of response and intervention are required.  With traditional 911, officers are not provided with real-time updates, mission-critical details, or site specific information easily or quickly.  Dispatchers need to take record of the information, disseminate it to the front lines who then have to act accordingly. 

IN FORCE911 includes situational details such as the nature of the threat, exact location, preferred access points and pertinent details of the situation as it evolves to all responding parties. Providing this information enhances and heightens first responders’ situational awareness, provides a quicker and more effective tactical approach and improves the overall safety of all responding officers. 

The application is also helpful to Law Enforcement after the threat has ended, because the chat records are hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud an encrypted environment where all data is time and date stamped and chain of custody is maintained throughout the process.  This information can then be provided and used to design an after action report.


Mission Critical Information &
Tactical Advantage

Through the IN FORCE911 native law enforcement-specific applications, law enforcement and dispatchers receive an alert from the building under threat in a matter of seconds.  The FIPS 140-2 certification enables the platform to be hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, fully encrypted and secured, providing not only the alert and open communication window, but also easily accessible emergency details and schematics of the building, streamlined and interactive mapping and imagery of the building, evacuation routes, reunification points, emergency response plans and access to integrated IP camera feeds.  

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