About In Force Technology

In 2017, a father and son duo embarked on a mission to revolutionize the way law enforcement respond to active shooting incidents at schools.

Moved by past events they drew from their combined decades of experience and industry knowledge, to create the IN FORCE911 application.  During an active school shooting, they recognized that time equals lives and although, time cannot be created, it can be saved.

Knowing that a reduction in police response time and increasing communications will save lives, IN FORCE911 is a way for schools and organizations to update their safety measures and protect what matters most.

We are a group of passionate individuals, parents, community members and law enforcement professionals.

We are about protecting the well-being of those who dedicate their lives to enriching the future of our youth.

We are about providing a safe place for children to learn.

We are here to save lives!

Leadership Team

Donald Flanagan

Chief Government Officer & Board Chairman

Brandon Flanagan

President & Chief Executive Officer


Ronald A. Woessner, Esq.

Executive Vice President

Domonic McDougall

Vice President, Technology & Product Innovation

Howard Hubley

Financial Controller

Chief Robert Frydryk (Ret.)

Vice President, Customer Success

Advisory Board

Dr. Joseph Erardi

Special Senior Advisor & Subject Matter Expert

Gio Ozkan

Strategic Advisor


Our Team

In Force Technology has worked diligently to provide key personnel from our team to exceed customer’s expectations and provide them the support they deserve.   From the initial stages of the pre-sale process all the way through our post sale customer support, we are here 24×7.

Our business development and sales teams work hand in hand to connect and build relationships with safety and security personnel, prospective school districts, municipalities and first responder agencies that would benefit from the use of our application.  From there, we try to discover, identify, and assess the need for a more robust notification and communication platform.

Once we enter into a partnership with our customers we strive to perfect a long-term relationship over time.  Our customer support and IT teams work diligently to answer any questions through the on-boarding and deployment process and remain in contact with your organization through each year’s renewals for any additional support needed.

“We are so excited to have found a technology and partnership like this. This partnership puts the safety and security of our students, staff and visitors in our buildings at the forefront, even during the pressing issue of COVID. Although COVID has become a priority across the district, it’s an enemy we cannot see, an intruder is one that we can, and we have to be prepared. There is an ability for a teacher to send an alert to the Sheriff’s office on a computer or cell phone who can then immediately respond, heaven forbid we have the need for it.”


Superintendent Oliver Holly / Officer Jimmy Shelton (SRO)
Tyrrell County Schools, NC

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