Our Mission

Across the country, there have been 230 school shootings since Columbine (1999) and thousands of other random acts of violence committed on school grounds.  There is no single approach, technology, or training solution that will stop all school violence, but as we look at the vulnerabilities of our schools, physical and intangible, it is clear we need to work to find a way to reduce police response times.  

One of the biggest barriers to police response time occurs in the vital time lost between when a person places a 911 call and when police are actually dispatched to a crime in progress. People often assume, falsely, that when they call 911 the person on the other end of the call can help them. In many states, cellular phone-based 911 calls are routed to state police dispatch centers or large regional public safety answering points, which then must then be routed to local emergency services. 

Today, IN FORCE911 has revolutionized and recaptured the time lost in the 911 shuffle and allow people who witness or are trapped in an emergency situation to communicate directly with the actual police officers and rescuers coming to assist them – and to receive two-way feedback and instructions that could save their lives. This can all be done without upgrading any hardware components or purchasing new systems.

Technology is the solution to reducing police times, and ultimately mitigating the harm an active shooter does. It is an empowering model that returns some measure of control and power to the people working inside a building during a crisis.

Executive Team

Donald Flanagan
Founder & Chairman

Brandon Flanagan
President & Chief Executive Officer

Domonic McDougall
Vice President of Technology

Chief Robert Frydryk (Ret.)
Vice President of Customer Service

Howard Hubley
Financial Controller

Core Values

Partnering with and positively impacting the communities we serve across the country. We strive to make a difference.