In Force Technology

Over the last decade, our country has witnessed a steady increase in targeted acts of violence and although in many communities and school districts the mindset across the U.S. is “it will never happen here,” yet, still statistics and tragedies have proven otherwise. 

If we as a country have learned anything from these incidents, its that active shootings and extreme violence can occur at any school, workplace, house of worship and common areas.  Quick integration and deployment of life-saving measures and personnel into the initial response effort must be accomplished to minimize the impact of these types of incidents and limit loss of life.

Since inception in early 2018, In Force Technology (“IFT”) has focused its software development efforts and strategic mission on improving response times and increasing communications during an active shooter event.  Effective communication and rapid dissemination of information are the two most valuable tools, for saving lives during an event or incident. We understand more now than ever that time equals lives.  When seconds matter most, IN FORCE911 establishes a real-time communication window, with mission critical details and actionable intelligence sharing, collectively, between those experiencing the threat and those responding.

We believe in responsibly creating long-term and sustainable partnerships with our customers from across the country through the deployment of our lifesaving IN FORCE911 software technology.  Our goal is to positively impact these communities and organizations by creating a safer, more secure environment for teachers to teach, students to learn and employees to work.  Our mission is simply to save lives!  

Executive Leadership

Donald Flanagan
Founder & Chairman

Brandon Flanagan
President & Chief Executive Officer

Domonic McDougall
VP of Technology & Product Innovation

Stephanie Raby
VP of Operations

Jonathan Shee
VP of Engineering

Howard Hubley
Director of Finance

Sean Dougherty
VP of Sales

Chief Robert Frydryk (Ret.)
SVP of Customer Service

Advisory Board

Gunnar Link
Senior Financial Advisor

Ronald Tetreau
Head Trainer & Threat Assessment Officer

Dr. Joseph Erardi
Special Senior Advisor & Subject Matter Expert

Our Team

In Force Technology has worked diligently to provide key personnel from our team to exceed customer’s expectations and provide them the support they deserve.   From the initial stages of the pre-sale process all the way through our post sale customer support, we are here 24×7. 

Our business development and sales teams work hand in hand to connect and build relationships with safety and security personnel, prospective school districts, municipalities and first responder agencies that would benefit from the use of our application.  From there, we try to discover, identify, and assess the need for a more robust notification and communication platform. 

Once we enter into a partnership with our customers we strive to perfect a long-term relationship over time.  Our customer support and IT teams work diligently to answer any questions through the on-boarding and deployment process and remain in contact with your organization through each year’s renewals for any additional support needed.