Hospital and Healthcare Facilities

Providing a robust security system for healthcare and hospital buildings is nothing short of complex. These campuses are comprised of several patient and administration buildings where transient vendors and suppliers come and go, employees work in a multitude of departments, and patient care is provided across multiple offices or buildings.  Maintaining the safety of the entire premises and mitigating risk is dependent on the recognition of problems and potential issues that exist, as well as the response to those issues.

Gail Blanchard-Saiger, VP of labor and employment with the California Hospital Association stated,

“A positive relationship with law enforcement will encourage a stronger police presence near the hospital, faster response times, increased sharing of information, and increased trust between the two organizations.”

Implementing the IN FORCE911 system would provide a scalable and easily deployable internal notification system for healthcare staff, as well as a panic button application to alert internal security teams and first responders simultaneously from anywhere inside the facility.  Conversely, IN FORCE911 would provide first responders the means to communicate and notify the hospital or healthcare facility of an imminent threat in the area, making their response as efficient and effective as possible.

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