Protecting the Future

Mission School Safety




Rapid Response

The average response time to an active school shooting is 12.5 minutes and more than half are over in 5 minutes or less. Save lives with faster law enforcement notification through IN FORCE911.

Mass Communication

A two-way chat portal is effectuated, allowing for real-time communication between those in the building under threat and first responders. IN FORCE911 provides point-to-point connectivity between law enforcement and those experiencing the threat, allowing them to provide real-time updates to responders and other users. 


Law Enforcement has the ability to provide school staff with critical updates, such as and “all-clear” message. When it’s time to evacuate the building, staff may “check in” with with administrators, providing a true accountability of students and their locations. By reducing the time necessary to clear a building, law enforcement can methodically evacuate personnel, reuniting staff and students with their loved ones.

Launch An Alert From Any Device

Compatibility with all operating systems is available, including Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, iOS and Android, a quick and simple download from the App or Google Play Stores.