Protecting the Future

Mission School Safety




Silent Panic Button

Equipped with the IN FORCE911 application residing across every native platform, building staff and administration are armed with the means to initiate a silent alert, sending it directly to local law enforcement and dispatch.

In just a matter of 12 seconds or less, the application alerts law enforcement to the exact location of threat origin and the ability to communicate through the real-time, two-way chat portal.

When seconds matter most and time equals lives, the IN FORCE911 application significantly reduces law enforcement response time.

Internal Notification

Not every situation requires immediate police presence or intervention.  That’s why IN FORCE911 provides building staff and administration to communicate internally through the application.

In circumstances where a non-life-threatening situation arises, staff may remain in direct and real-time communication with administration to remain aware and up to date of critical or pertinent information.  


Every administration’s worst nightmare is the aftermath of a critical event when lives may be in jeopardy or danger.  When an active threat arises within a building, law enforcement is tasked with the mission of methodically clearing the buildings room, by room.  These situations can take many hours to accomplish.

In the meantime, how do administrators account for their staff and faculty with the understanding of where everybody is and where everyone went.  Worse yet, how do administrators identify those who may be wounded and communicate that information to first responders?

IN FORCE911’s real-time communication portal serves as the perfect tool to accommodate this massive communication gap.

Launch An Alert From Any Device

IN FORCE911 is the only safety software that offers a full suite of native applications to accommodate the infrastructure and cumulative devices pre-existing in any environment.

Today, building staff and administration may utilize any existing hardware technology device to natively run the IN FORCE911 software.

The supported operating systems include iOS, Android, Chromebook, Windows and Mac.