Providing a Tactical Advantage

Expedite Response & Increase Officer Safety

Officer Safety Response

When a life-threatening event unfolds requiring immediate law enforcement response and intervention, never before has law enforcement been equipped with real-time information and mission critical data specific to the nature of the threat, location and critical details.

Today, IN FORCE911 provides law enforcement and first responders with enhanced situational awareness through the real-time, two-way chat communication portal which provides for a quicker, more effective and efficient response with officer safety in mind.

Mission Critical Information

Through the IN FORCE911 native law enforcement-specific applications, law enforcement and dispatchers may receive an alert from a building under threat in a matter of seconds, compared to minutes.

Included in the alert message includes not only a real-time chat communication portal, but also emergency details of the building, integrated IP camera feeds, streamlined and interactive mapping and imagery of the building and emergency response plans.

For the first time in law enforcement’s response to a critical, life-threatening event, first responders are equipped with real-time intelligence.

Tactical Advantage

Most often, law enforcement and first responders are arriving on-scene without the critical information and details necessary to perform their jobs most effectively.

Now, via the IN FORCE911 native mobile applications, specifically designed for law enforcement, provides on-scene commanders a mobile incident command unit.

In the palm of their hands, law enforcement personnel possess the means to take decisive action based on real-time intelligence to act swiftly, neutralize the threat and in turn, save lives!