What is AASA?

The AASA, School Superintendents Association, was founded in 1865, as a professional organization with more than 13,000 educational leaders participating across in the United States and throughout the world.  AASA members range from chief executive officers, superintendents and senior level school administrators to cabinet members, professors and aspiring school system leaders.  Through the Association, advocates of public education connect, network, communicate and share important information with one another. The AASA provides support to its members through webinars, strategy discussions and collaborative learning to address the critical issues these leaders are facing. 

In Force Technology partnered with the AASA in the hopes of educating its members about the difficulties of using legacy technology in the event of an emergency.  With a national average response time of 12 minutes for an officer to arrive at a school once they are informed of a crisis, an additional 3-5 minutes are added for 9-1-1 to take the call, retrieve the details and send officers on their way.  IN FORCE911 reduces the time it takes to alert and notify officers down to 4 seconds or less, and regardless of their location or duty status they will be informed immediately of the threat type, location and be able to initiate response.  In partnering with school district administrators across the country, this affiliation with the AASA has one goal in mind; to protect students and staff when time equals lives and seconds matter most.

In Force Technology has developed a full-circle approach to mitigating an Active Threat.  Our team is comprised of subject matter experts that have developed the services offered to address and correct any existing weaknesses in existing safety programs to keep our teachers, students and first responders as safe as possible.

In Force Technology, LLC has become a part of AASA’s school solutions center, to help educational facilities across the United States increase communications and further protect their students and staff by reducing the response time of law enforcement to an active threat.  School districts partnering with In Force Technology utilize an internal only communication platform enabling staff and faculty to share details of non-emergency situations with their administration team, maintaining control over the school’s environment.  If a situation were to escalate the administration team can forward the alert without delay to local authorities, prompting a greater response.  Additionally, if staff were faced with an emergency, an alert can be sent directly notify responding officers regardless of their location or duty status, reducing the time it takes for help to arrive.  Rapid response time is a common problem found using legacy technology and infrastructure, so the goal of using IN FORCE911 is to reduce the response time when seconds matter most.  Once the alert is received by officers, a two-way communication window is provided for mission critical details and real time intelligence to be shared.  This enables first responders to get to and end the threat as soon as possible and also reunify students and staff with their families quickly and efficiently.


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