Choosing the Right Technology

As a father of four, I constantly think about the safety of my children in school.

The United States has experienced 27 school shooting incidents subsequent to the tragic events at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX, which left 21 dead – two staff and 19 students. 

The shooting at Robb Elementary is the deadliest in Texas history and the third deadliest school shooting in United States history.  It was the deadliest school shooting since the events at Sandy Hook elementary in Newtown, CT in 2012.

School districts rightfully react to these tragic events by evaluating best practice procedures and training.

Technology is a necessity in addition to best practices and training. There is a staggering (and expensive) array of technology in the growing $2.7 billion market that spans hard-wired panic buttons, visitor management systems, cameras, and even … cowbells.



Let’s review some statistics to help inform an opinion about school security technology:

  • A Federal Bureau of Investigations 2014 study recognized that school shootings cannot be prevented entirely.
  • The best mitigating factor of loss of life is a quick response by law enforcement:
    • Having the police on scene interrupts the shooter’s carnage
    • The rampage typically ends nearly instantaneously once there is a law enforcement presence on scene, notwithstanding the Uvalde, TX shooting
  • Tragically and inexplicably, in Uvalde it took officers 75 minutes after arriving on scene to breach the classroom where the shooter was located.
  • The existing 9-1-1 infrastructure becomes overwhelmed and inundated with phone calls during school threats. This causes a “bottle neck” of information collection/dissemination.
  • Responding law enforcement officers need actionable intel once on scene (how many shooters? Where are they? Are they armed with knives, handguns, long gun, etc.?)


Why IN FORCE911?

IN FORCE911™ puts the cops on scene quicker and with the intel they need:

  • All teachers and staffers use the IN FORCE911™ app to initiate and send an alert directly to local police in their patrol units and the 9-1-1- center in as little as four seconds. This saves minutes when seconds count!
  • An alert is simultaneously sent to every staff member
  • Responding officers communicate with teachers and staffers via a real-time “chat” communications portal
  • Responding officers can also view facility maps and see what’s occurring on scene through IP based cameras on scene

The IN FORCE911™ communications portal, maps, and cameras provide officers the real-time “intel” they need

It’s apparent that reducing police response time and providing first responders actionable intel are necessary when dealing with the unthinkable. 

When it comes to mitigating loss of life during everyone’s worst-case-scenario, IN FORCE911™ is the solution that provides the most expedited police response allowing law enforcement professionals to neutralize the threat and preserve life.

And, it is inexpensive and can be readily implemented. Since it is software-based, no hardware is required and there is no wiring or tedious and expensive installation required.



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