Bishop Connolly High School, Fall River Police Department and In Force Technology Join Forces as Partners in School Safety

Boston, MA-based software company In Force Technology, LLC has joined forces with Bishop Connolly High School and the Fall River Police Department to protect the school’s students and staff in the event of an active threat. Teachers and faculty will now have the ability to immediately notify first responders at the Fall River Police Department of an active threat and communicate directly with them during the event to provide mission-critical details needed to end the threat as soon as possible.

Traditionally placed 9-1-1 calls can take an average of two to four minutes to be routed from the centralized public safety answering point (PSAP) to the closest responding agency, lengthening the time for first responders to get on scene. The second underlying problem at-risk facilities face is the inability to effectively communicate with each other from inside the same building and to collectively provide specific details of an active threat to law enforcement, causing additional time delays and leading to confusion when law enforcement arrives.

School safety has always been the mission of In Force Technology. Our leading-edge software application IN FORCE911 enables an alert to reach all internal staff and responding agencies in less than 4 seconds; in addition, the app provides a two-way communication window where staff and faculty inside a school can provide real-time intelligence-sharing with each other and with
police officers responding to an active threat. When seconds matter most, reducing response time and increasing communication is the goal of IN FORCE911.

The IN FORCE911 software application empowers school faculty, staff and administrators with the ability to launch an alert from any device in seconds, rather than minutes. IN FORCE911 sends alerts and messages simultaneously to the dispatch consoles, in-vehicle terminals and mobile devices of police officers in the field regardless of duty status, avoiding the call routing process. First responders also have immediate access to a school’s digital building schematics, aerial photos, emergency operational plans, and internet protocol (IP)-based camera feeds, which are integrated through the IN FORCE911 application to plan the best approach for ending the threat.

The two-way communication window enables those experiencing the threat to share information; as a result, school staff and faculty are prompted to take actions in coordination with pre-existing training, protocols and procedures to best protect those under threat.

“We are excited about our partnership with the Fall River Police Department and the team at IN FORCE911 because together we can create the most secure and safe environment for our students,” said BCHS President Christopher Myron. “The ultimate goal of this relationship is to provide a sophisticated and unified communication system which protects students from active threats.”

Brandon Flanagan, CEO of In Force Technology, commended the school’s ongoing safety efforts.

“Despite a national pandemic, President Myron recognized the necessity and importance of increasing school safety and security by ensuring a safe teaching and learning environment for both staff and students,” said Flanagan. “Bishop Connolly possessed the forethought to work collaboratively with their Fall River law enforcement partners to enhance police response time and communications for the benefit of the entire school community.”

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