The engineering and development teams at In Force Technology have been working incredibly hard to advance your threat notification and communication application, IN FORCE911!  We recognize now, more than ever, that school safety remains the top priority of both staff and students and as a result, we have improved the end-user experience of IN FORCE911 by adding new levels of functionality and new features to the software.  Below, you will find the release notes of V4.0 and directions on how to update the existing version of IN FORCE911 for MOBILE APPS ONLY.

Added Features of IN FORCE911

Internal Notification.  This newly added feature allows end-users to send an alert and communicate directly with an internal administrative team without having first responder intervention.

Internal Alert Forwarding.  Should an internal alert require immediate first responder assistance, the administrative team may instantly forward the internal alert (and all associated communications) to the local or county first responding agencies for additional support.  Secondly, the administrative team will have the ability to also forward to the remaining staff in the organization simultaneously as well.

Pre-Determined Alert Categories.  Users may now select a specific alert type or category prior to sending either IN FORCE911 alert, so the recipient knows immediately up on receipt what type of incident has occurred.  The specified alert categories include: Active Shooter, Intruder, Medical, or Other

How to download V4.0

  • Go to the Android or IOS APP store and search for “Inforce911 alert”.
  • Click “update” and once installed, restart your device and log into the new version of IN FORCE911 with your previously saved credentials.

What to expect:

Once you log in, the user interface will be slightly different than before and you will be prompted to choose an internal/administrative or law enforcement alert.

  • Internal/administrative will go directly to your administration team only (once they are set up).
  • If you click on an Alert Category under the law enforcement section, the alert will be sent to the first responding agency associated with your organization with the chosen Category header.

Secondly, upon doing sending either alert,  the alert countdown can still be bypassed and sent immediately or canceled if it’s a mistake.  If no further action is taken, the alert will automatically send after 10 seconds to the designated recipient.

  • If you are an administrator, upon receiving an internal alert (and render the decision to forward) in the top right corner of the window, click on the two people and select the group to forward the alert to. There are currently three options: First responders/Law enforcement, all staff, User groups.

As always, we value and greatly appreciate our IN FORCE911 customers!