NEW BEDFORD – The Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School has a new software tool that will enable it to have two-way, instant access to police, according to a news release.

In case of emergency, the IN FORCE911 desktop and mobile application from In Force Technology LLC enables school staffers to reduce response times.

“In many states, cellular phone-based 911 calls are routed to state police dispatch centers or large, regional public-safety answering points, which then must be routed to local emergency services,” according to In Force Technology, which can take more time.

The software allows local police to be notified quicker of emergencies, such as active-shooter situations within buildings.

“Eliminating communication barriers between schools and local law enforcement is critical,” said In Force Technology CEO and President Brandon Flanagan in a statement. “Our software … also has the potential to provide police with invaluable information, from the location of a suspect to the origin of the reported threat.”

The software immediately opens a two-way chat dialogue in real time between responders and school staff, according to In Force Technology, a company based in Lynnfield, Mass. A reverse-alert feature means law enforcement can quickly alert schools of an imminent threat, as well, rather than calling each facility.

Under the new system, responders can get access to the reporting school’s floor plans, security cameras and other information, according to the release.

“We hope we never need to deploy the IN FORCE911 system, however, we must be realistic about potential school threats,” said James L. O’Brien, the high school superintendent and director.

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